New user and channel modes

We are currently in the process of upgrading the ircd we use for Worldirc.
The current system we use will in no way take anything away from the service you currently enjoy on WorldIRC. However, the new release of our server software will allow added functionality for yourself and your channels. These are documented below:

User mode +R

/mode MYNICK +R (or //mode $me +R in mIRC)
This mode stops you receiving invites, private messages or notices from anyone that isn't authed on the network.

Channel mode +c

/mode #channel +c
This mode stops mIRC and ANSI colour codes and control codes (eg bold text) being passed in the channel

Channel mode +C

/mode #channel +C
This mode stops CTCPs such as pings being sent channel wide

Channel mode +N

/mode #channel +N
This mode stops notices being sent channel wide

Channel mode +D (and +d)

/mode #channel +D
This mode performs 'delayed joins'. When joining a channel that is +D, a user is invisible in that channel until they speak, are opped / voiced, or change the topic. This prevents join / part spam. When this mode is cleared, the server sets mode +d, if there are invisible users. This remains until the last invisible user makes themselves visible, or leaves, at which time the server removes mode +d.

This command displays all invisible users on a channel at that moment in time.

Channel mode +u

/mode #channel +u
This mode masks quit messages. If a user is in any channel that has mode +u, their quit message is removed.

CIDR channel bans

/mode #channel +b nick!ident@host/cidr
If you don't know what CIDRs are, you're probably better off not using this setting. It's not my place to teach, so go learn, then you can use this very useful feature :)

Various other features that are possible / set are as follows:
:: Topics are sent in a netburst, so after a netsplit, your topic should automatically resync
:: For security, all new users to the network are set mode +i by default
:: the /USERIP command has now been disabled for security reasons
:: New channels automatically get set the mode +ntCN

That's about it really, do come and see us in #help, if you need any help getting to grips with these new features!

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